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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  September 2, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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after decades of service, the city of san carlos decided tonight to disband it's police department. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'mfrank somerville. sap
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san carlos council decided tonight. >> reporter: in city council approved a five year contract for sheriff service to take over. >> this is stpw√°euing up an independent police department. >> many of us understand that there's a need to balance the budget and cost that are associated but we do not support the continued reduction in public service. >> reporter: the city says there will be no reduction in police services. all of the 26 sworn san carlos police officers will become deputies wearing sheriff shirts. >> the deputies that are
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stationed here are committed to serving the city. and that's what the they will see and maintain level of service. >> reporter: san carlos says the change means a $2.5 million savings for a city facing a budget deficit. >> we would have to continue to play off people. our revenues are flat. so rather than diminish we're going to be able to enhance. >> reporter: san carlos is the first city but may not the last. live many san carlos, lloyd lacuesta. the union city man charged with shooting and wounding a freemont police officer is back
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in the bay area tonight. 20-year-old andrew barrientos was arrested saturday near the mexican border. alameda sheriff's deputies brought the man to the county today. here's today's booking photo. barrientos faces several charges. if convicted barrientos could face a life sentence. meantime, officer todd young remains in critical condition. freemont police say young is heavily sedated but stable and improving daily. federal transportation officials are in redwood city tonight investigating a small plane crash that killed three people. the plane went down east of highway 101. at this hour, the bodies of two
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of the three victims have still not been recovered. amber lee is at the scene now with the latest, amber. >> reporter: julie, we're at the command center set up by redwood city police near the crash site, and officials are now taking over this investigation and will oversee the effort to pull out the wreckage out of the lagoon. >> reporter: the plane a beach queen is now submerged, the pilot and a passenger remain inside the vehicle. >> they are in a position where they can't be physically pulled out without lifting the plane. >> reporter: we reached the son of borman. paul borman told us that his father was in san martin to
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visit him. he described his father as a great man and well loved in the flying community. his son told us h he hopes to get answers from ntsb. witnesses say they awe the plane nose dive soon after take off. >> so i looked up and saw it. then i heard a big boom. >> the front was complettedly ripped open. it was hard hit railroad the coast guard sent the good samaritans away because of the leaking fuel and oil. >> i was hoping it would be another one of those miracle thing, but not this time. >> reporter: a batallion chief
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told us he would likely pull out the plane tomorrow. proposition eight support -rs lost another round in court today. they're forcing to force sacramento governor that appeared california's same-sex ban. now prop eight supporters are appealing hoping to force governor arnold
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schwarzenegger. jaycee dugard's mother has filed a claim for the -- san francisco, firefighters made quick work of a garage fire that started in an apartment fire on gary street. a motorcycle burst into flames at 6:15 this evening then the fire spread to a second floor apartment. the resident was displaced but
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one no one hurt. the quick response time made a big difference. the cash stripped city has lost a lot of its fire department, and now the fire chief is gone too. >> our fire chief has been placed on -- >> reporter: you will remember the controversy when these photos surfaced putting gas off city pumps into his personal vehicle. kapler defended the practice saying it was part of his employment contract. >> there was no wrong doing, i
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department do anything ill illegitimate. >> reporter: we couldn't reach the chief today, but under a public record's act request we obtained a copy of his contract where it spells out his compensation package aboard $200,000. and shows he opted out of a city vehicle in lieu of a payment. capler faced similar allegations when he was a chief. >> we do have an acting chief running the department in his absence. >> reporter: as you see here, on october 1st, david capler
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will have been chief for three years allowing him to retire with full benefits. rita williams, ktvu chanl 2 news. there is no damage reported tonight following a small earthquake. the quake was centered about two miles north of richmond. those near the epicenter say they felt a small jolt. did getting beat up trigger one man's rampage. new photos show how temperatures were already boiling over before his killing spree. bill will have tomorrow's forecast in minutes. and she won't have to serve
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on a jury this time, what meg whitman said in court today to get dismissed.
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hotel workers picketed today outside the hyatt regency in downtown san francisco.
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the workers contract expired last year and no new negotiations are scheduled. height officials expressed disaappointment today with the union's protests. similar demonstrations were held at san francisco airport and the hyatt santa clara. there are new clues tonight to what may have launched a man's murder spree. it appears the spree may have been sparkled by a fist fee days before. >> reporter: it's all in the police report, long before this was a murder scene police were called here to the sales house to break up a fight between three men. and the suspect was on the losing end of that fight. police took these pictures ten
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days ago of 38-year-old efren valdemaro. valdemaro told police he and girlfriend cindy tran were sleeping when roommate ricardo sales came in angry about a letter valdemoro had written him. demanding he stay out of valdemaro's relationship with tran. the arriving officer found valdemaro overpowered, face down and naked. they claimed they had to subdue him to keep him from attacking them. valdemaro told the officer he would press battery charges against the sales and he left the house.
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a few days later, the elder sales was found dead. >> he was honest, he was humble, he always came to work on time and i liked him. >> reporter: as police were chasing valdemaro tuesday night, a panicked tran called her boss saying she was trying to stop valdemaro. how much the fight and humiliation. when she called 911 to have police come and break up this fight, she described him as her
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exboyfriend. reporting live, debra villalon. police also are trying to determine if valde many maro killed two women where he occasionally stayed. police say they found explosive materials in that vallejo home and a container labeled depleted uranium. writtenhouse who works as a chemical engineer is now being held on more than $2 million bail. the alameda county sheriff's department is asking for help tonight to find two men in connection with a kidnapping and killing of an east palo alto men. they say they have arrest warrants now for manuel trujillo and huh ha med kahn --
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muhammad kahn. kahn was last seen in san francisco. lopez body was found in pee phopbt. the controversy around smart meters is out. the california public utilities commission conducted the review. it found the meters reliably pleasure customer's the energy using. >> we heard loud and clear what was lacking was customer communication and customer service. >> experts say the radiation emitting levels is far less than what people receive from cell phoneless.
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pg & e plans to install nearly 1 million smart meters by 2012. whitman lives in aferton and was excused today from jury service. the candidate said she would serve but it would be a challenge because she's quite busy running for governor. her opponent jerry brown is set to start television ads next week. there was no clear winner in last night's senate debate. the consensus both candidates did well. but there was a nonanswer, one nonanswer that could come back
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to haunt fiorina. randy shandobil reports. >> reporter: senator boxer and her republican challenger fiari n a last night only agreed on one thing. that they disagree on most everything. on the struggling economy, boxer turned to president bush. fiarina turned to democrats. >> in the last months, our unemployment rate has climbed to 12.3%. >> reporter: polling suggests some of fiarina's positions are unpopular, but she didn't shy away from controversial debates. >> reporter: she thinks ab32 california's global legislation is bad for the economy. >> that ab32 is a job killer in
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the short term. >> reporter: but when asked about proposition 23, fiarina repeatedly avoided answer. >> do you support prop 23? >> my focus is on a national energy policy. because that is why -- >> just say yes or no. >> if you can't take a stand on prop 23. i don't know what you will take a stand on. >> reporter: polls show 23 is unpopular with voters. some of fiarina's campaign supporters back it. that put her in a the difficult spot. >> there are lots of voters out there who vice president made up their mind on many things.
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>> will there be a time when you let people know how you voted? >> probably. >> i'm not trying to be evasive here. a couple of hot days then temperatures at the coast dropped quite a bit today. the fog is back, we saw temperatures inland in the low 100s in the livermore area. at the coast, the cooling has begun, temperatures tomorrow will be a good five to 10 degrees cooler than they were today. your bay area weekend will include the fog. coastal temperatures today, they've been in the 80s yesterday. as we head to friday at the fog, about 64 degrees. that is on the highway end. let's go specifically now, we'll show you oakland or livermore pardon me, a bill cooler tomorrow. 94degrees at livermore, i'll have more later. tomorrow will be another spare the air day here in the bay area, it'll be the third
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consecutive one that bay area air quality managers have issued. a lot of officials have forecasted the air quality will be unhealthy and they are urging commuters to take public transportation or car pool if at all possible. another oil rig fire in the gulf of mexico. why this one is different than the disastrous gulf water explosion. family members say goodbye to a 13-year-old boy, what police tell us they really need to solve his killing. !%
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a big rig carrying thousands of gallons of beer overturned. the crash happened shortly after 6:00 this morning just south of summit road. the tractor trailer was
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carrying 3,000-gallons of beer. the driver told the highway patrol he intentionally crashed because his breaks were failing, fortunately no one was hurt. the highway patrol is currently investigating. late word of the oil rig fire is that no one was killed. some 200-miles from the bp oil rig that exploded in april spilling millions of gallons of oil. the rig caught fire early this morning, by afternoon the fire was out. all 13 workers on board jumped into the water and were rescued. there's conflicts reports of whether one person was injured. the fire was contained to a small area. >> there appears to be a fire at the upper most level of the facility. because the crew was not able to contain it. they shut in the production and evacuated the facility. the coast guard says it's
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crews have not spotted an oil sheen that was reported earlier. in washington, d.c., a small measure of progress was made as the middle east peace talks officially got under way. hillary clinton met with israel's president and palestine's prime minister. >> we understand this is in the security interest of the united states that you do so. >> reporter: one cig any cant roadblock is -- significant roadblock is hamas. the economy showed a small boost today with the release of moderately positive reports on unemployment and retail sales. there were 472,000 first time
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jobless claims filed last week, that's 6,000 fewer than the week before. it was the second straight week the number has dropped. meantime retailers reported strong sales in august compared to a year ago. sales at 31 major retailers were up this month. jobs were e buy word on wall street as investors showed caution. a late rally pushed the dow up 50 points, the nasdaq gained 23. burger king was the big winner surging 25% as 3g capital agreed to buy the giant. the winning bid almost $2.4 billion, analysts say three par's innovative technology could give 3g an edge in the
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emerging area of cloud computing. it's not known what would happen to 3g. and passengers say they can't count on the transit agency, how things could soon get worse.
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hurricane earl lost some of its steam tonight but the worse is still to come. ines ferre is in north carolina. >> reporter: now we're really starting to see more of the rain and some more of the winds, but a lot of rain in this area right now. preparations have been under
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way throughout the day as registration tents were just bracing for this hurricane. and tourists -- the day as residents were just bracing for the hurricane. tourists were asked to evacuate. bracing for the unknown. >> whatever is going to happen is going to happen. there's not much you can do expect board everything up. >> east coast beachgoers like these in ocean beach maryland started to feel earl's effect with tall waves. the monster storm had residents preparing for the worse. thursday morning, thousands of tourists were told the evacuate. >> you hear all these noises, you know what they are. either houses or trees falling. we're going to get away from this thing and keep him safe.
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>> absolutely. >> reporter: most appeared to heed the warning. for some with decades of hurricanes behind them. earl is just another storm they'll ride out. >> for those residents that do stay behind, authorities have said, just be ready, have flashlight, have water, have food ready also fema saying they have teams on stand by ready to assist if needed, back to you. and hurricane earl has weakened a bit over the last 24 hours. it's a category two. take a look and you can see it just off the carolinas. here is the storm track for hurricane earl. you can see basically it wants to move right off the eastern seaboard. i think the main impact from
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this system is going to be a lot of rain and slight delays as it head into this weekend. san francisco police revealed the reality of a man who was beaten to death. someone rang the doorbell at about 10:00 p.m. the gunman then shot castaneda as he opened the door and shot his mother in the elbow when she looked to see who did it. family members of clark's broke down as they eulogized him. jimon clark's family members said goodbye to the 13-year-old
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that everybody remembered as funny and outgoing. his sister the read a poem she wrote for him. >> i will never forget the day you died. as i stood by the curb, tears filled my eyes. >> reporter: the 13-year-old set to begin at skyline high school was shot last wednesday. investigators who are still looking for a motive have made this case a priority. they are looking for the right tip to crack the case. >> we are still looking for someone with information to come forward. >> reporter: today clark's teachers pledged to support the family through the tough times ahead even as they work through their own feelings about a young man they say was a gifted athlete. >> i would always tell him,
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you're going to be successful. no matter what you do, in athletics you're going to be successful because you have that drive to do more than anybody else. >> reporter: jimon clark's murder has moved the community. there is one more memorial for clark set for tomorrow evening. in oakland, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. state health officials say they could begin fining the santa cruz county $72,000 a day. but the fine has been suspended
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until october 30th. many experts believe flouride helps dental health. users will be able to log out of their accounts from other computers. the feature will not be available on mobile devices. facebook says it's designed to help users keep their profiles more secure. the 44-cent stamp with the picture of the late roman caolic nun was released today. mother teresa won the peace prize for her work with the sick. right now southern california firefighters are battling a spreading wildfire. up next, where it's burning and how it impacted hundreds of
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school children today. the stench eluded airport workers for months. tonight, how technology finally cracked it down. and harvest time at bay area vineyards. how some bay area business owners say they've remained successful through this economic downturn.
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>>thousands of firefighters are battling a gas fire in rural san diego county. the so called cowboy fire was reported this afternoon. more than 400 students at a near by elementary school had to be evacuated. fire officials say the fire is not threening any structures. the cause is under investigation. the gunman who stormed the discovery channel headquarters
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had his first run in with the law here in california. he was charged with smuggling illegal imgrants into the u.s. police shot and killed lee after he took three hostages. lee had a history of protesting the network's environmental programming. the rail line is slated to run between san francisco and los angeles with construction expected to begin in 2012. san jose airport officials think they have pinned down what's been fouling out the air at the renovated terminal a. a
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broking sewer line underneath the terminal. crews now have fixed the problem and the bad smell has disappeared. in mexico, 25 drug cartel members were killed today in a gun battle with soldiers. the mexican military said the soldiers came under fire as they patrolled the town of general trevino. this particular gang is believed to be responsible for the killings of 72 migrants last week. in south korea, a typhoon was blamed for the deaths of four people today. strong winds knocked down power lines and trees cutting electricity to tens of thousands of residents. airports cancelled and delayed 16 flights. the storm was the largest to hit seoul.
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in paris, u.s. border agents are now working alongside french security. the patrols are there to identify potential terrorists before they board flights to the u.s. the department of homeland security added the agents after a potential terrorist flight last christmas. find out which neighbors will cool down the most. our chief meteorologist bill martin has the details coming up.
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ac transit warned today it may be forced to drastically reduce service. it said a lack of money and ongoing labor dispute could affect thousands of passengers. rob roth has our report. >> reporter: cuts could be
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coming to ac transit and soon, serious cuts. ac transit officials are considering eliminating the night owl service. that would mean no buses between midnight and 5:00 in the morning. >> you can't depend on the transit agency anymore and that's really sad. >> reporter: they are also looking at a proposal that would limit weekend service that people in outlying areas wouldn't be able the usit. >> i work nights and weekends, to have them cut the weekend while i'm just trying to make the move and they've raised the bridge toll, this is ridiculous. >> reporter: the issue is money. ac transit says it's losing hundreds of thousands of dollars a week. the bus drivers union and the transit agency have entered into binding arbitration in attempts to hammer out a new
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contract. leaders and community leaders protested. protesters are demanding that some funds be diverted to municipal transit agencies. even if that happens, it may come too late to stave off cuts in the transit. the board of directors is expected to vote in about three weeks, if approved, cuts could go in effect on december 19th. a week before christmas. candidates for mayor of oakland got a chance tonight to talk about how they would bring jobs to the city. seven candidates offered their ideas for duci oakland's higher unemployment rate. several suggested green jobs and recycling. others said it was vitally important to provide job training to oakland's youth. some candidates focused on providing jobs. the election is set for november 2nd. the livermore valley wine harvest is a bit late this year, wine growers say they are
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hoping to get some help from above. today was the traditional blessing of the grapes by a rabbi and a priest. one grower says he still expects a great vintage. >> it's just a matter of being patient and letting the vines ripen. i'm weighs heavily on the rabbi and the priest to make that happen. >> they say customers are not drinking less, they are just buying less expensive wines such as theirs. a few folks out the beach tonight, the the fog had been absent for a few day, it came back with a vengeance late this afternoon and this evening. the fog is in at the avenues of
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san francisco, out toward daily city and pacifica. temperatures outside were still very warm. these were the highs from today. tomorrow a spare the air day. i'm sure it's right in the fringe of being one in terms of the trigger point for that. because we're going to see pretty significant cooling at the bay. inland temperatures stay at 101 in livermore. tomorrow's temperatures a good five to 10 degrees cooler than these. it's pushing through the gate right now, we'll get to albany, it'll get to oakland. that fog just by it being there is going to cool livermore and other areas. because the cool breezes are going to move in the valley. the trend is for cooling that helps fire danger, it helps air quality, and as we head through today, we did see hunters today, and it drops off quick for friday and saturday. your holiday weekend is going to be nice it's just not going to be hot. if you're at the coast it's cool, it's cloudy.
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there'll be some breaks in the clouds. stinson beach and half-moon bay, there'll be some sunshine but there'll be a little bit of cloud cover as well. temperatures at the coast in the 50s, temperatures inland in the 80s and low 90s. tomorrow morning, there's your fog footprint. not very impressive, it's not up in the napa valley, just by the fog being here it's going to push a lot of cool, moist air into the valley. in the afternoon, the fog goes back to the coast temperatures end up mid-60s, mid-90s topped. and a little bit cooler still on saturday and sunday. not cool just cooler. so what do we have this week? we have some pretty hot days, we had three spare the air days in a row and now temperatures are trending down. but it's not going to be cold at all like last weekend. remember last weekend it was come. this weekend will just be milder, cooler, it'll be pleasant. we'll have some good air
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quality to boot. coming up, we'll keep fog at the coast. but i think it's patchy enough you will get some breaking down at santa cruz. but it's just going to be a bit cooler. certainly no rain in the forecast but it is feeling a lot like fog. >> and cal this weekend, should be a good game. >> should be a very good game. befo the salmonella outbreak, food and drug administration inspectors visited the two iowa city farms where they say the contamination originated. they wonder why the vermin problems were not reported earlier. new regulations now in place should ensure the safety of eggs. an internet survey suggest many home kitchens would not
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make the grade if they were inspected like restaurant kittens. 61% would get an a or a b. over 15% would fail. single women in their 20s without children have an advantage over their male counter parts. an analysis shows young women are in a median of $27,000 a year. that is 8% more than men in the country's major metropolitan areas. one reason is that women are more likely to be college graduates and there aren't as many traditional manufacturing jobs for men as there used to be. it would be a big move. coming up next, what we're hearing tonight about the possibility jennifer lopez could join american idol.
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tmz is reporting that jennifer lopez is close to becoming a new judge on a fox television show american idol. the actress/musician is in the final steps of contract tpe negotiations. the deal could be finalized by next week. idol is going through several changes with the departure of
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cawell and degeneres decision to leave after just one season. and the biggest rip off laughable. charging real life practice to watch practice football. evidence on both sides of the bay that fans are a little fed up about the four preseason games. the chargers come in to face the niners. don't suspend injuries and let the guys in the bubble fight for a job. an anthony dixon looks like he has one. and that touchdown, a 46 of them 7-0 niners. manny lawson with that huge wingspan of his, winds up with a pick right there returns it 26 yards and sets up a field goal. but the niners need nate davis
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to come in late to lead a drive. 17-14 niners, here's coach singleton with the assessment. >> i mean we're smart enough to know better now. the most important thing is you look at the film, you're honest with yourself about what you see. but we know we have a lot of detail work to do. i mean a lot of detail. pretty good preseason for the raiders across the bay, fans wise to the four game exhibition travesty. less than 15,000 actually showed up to see it. the raiders set the tone against the seattle seahawks. grokowsky looking like a pro,
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as they take care of seattle and finish off a 3-1 season. baseball, kind of like the yankees said, come back some day when you can play with the big boys. the a's playing small in yankee stadium having lost nine of 10 to the new yorkers, the world champs this year. and you know, stay off my mound braden, they knocked him out. yankees set it up for c.c. sabathia 16-0 in his starts there. he is already a 19 game winner as the yankees complete a four game sweep of the a's back east. the giants with a little trip down to los angeles, they will start a huge 10 game road
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roady. can't wait for the real deal football. >> it's coming up. a week from sunday. >> thank you, mark. that is the 10:00 news for this thursday night. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. have a good evening everyone. >> good night.
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